SmartMop Cleaning Kit
SmartMop Cleaning Kit
SmartMop Cleaning Kit
SmartMop Cleaning Kit
SmartMop Cleaning Kit

SmartMop Cleaning Kit

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Say Goodbye to the traditional hand washing mop!

Traditional mops tend to collect dirt and smell even from the first week. We all know how frustrating and disgusting cleaning a mop can be that’s why we created the Smartmop™!


Cleaning a stinky and full of dirt mop sucks BIG time. That’s why our mop comes with an easy to use cleaning bucket. The bucket has two uses as it can be used to clean and dry our mop. All of this happens in matter of seconds and most important hands-free! The bucket’s drying mechanism is designed to remove 90% of the hydration thus far prevent the mop for creating mold and that sickening smell!


Old mops are usually made of strings of yarn that's tend to get really dirty and are very hard to clean. Our mop instead of yarn has a micro-fiber cloth that can absorb 10 times its size in liquid. The cloths are replaceable and can be easily and safely washed in the washing machine!


The  Smartmop™ was designed to make cleaning faster and easier by limiting the tools you need to one. The mop can be used to clean  windows, walls, ceilings and can be used as a broom as well.


360° Swivel Mechanism- Use the 360° mechanism to get even to the hardest places.
Compact size- We designed Smartmop™ to be easily stored anywhere.
Easy to clean-  We created a cleaning bucket that makes cleaning the mop faster and easier. Use one side for washing and the other side for drying.
Use on any surface- Whether you have hardwood, laminate, tile, or any other type of flooring, our mop will work perfectly for you!
Washable Microfiber Cloth- Our mop comes with two eco-friendly reusable and washable mop cloths.

  • The Smartmop™ 
  • The Smartmop™ Bucket
  • 2 x Micro-Fiber Cloths


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